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Tennis Is More Than Just Hitting A Ball by Nick Bollettieri

Tennis is More Than Just Hitting a Ball 

Fatigue Can Be a Mental Toughener and a Psychological Teacher 

Players, as well as non- players for that matter, can learn that fatigue need not be an impassable barrier, but an obstacle that can be overcome. When you are in a tennis match and you are tired, acknowledge that you’re tired but tell yourself that you find a way to battle through that feeling. Let it be a challenge to you. All you tennis players and non-tennis players, it has been proven over and over again that a positive attitude and mindset can allow you to overcome the actual facts that exist. 

Athletes Are Not Perfect, In Fact No One Is 

As human beings we are very unique because we can adapt to many circumstances and situations. We are also however, at the mercy of an imperfect machine, our human body. The body varies all of the time. Bjorn Borg, Martina Hingis, and Chris Evert accepted that they were not perfect and engineered their games in such a way to have the odds in their favor as they built their points.

Wow, Coaching Tennis Has Changed 

So many people said to me over the years that coaching and teaching tennis is not really work. Why would they say that? Coaches get to be outside, dressed casually in shorts, running around, hitting the ball, etc., etc., etc. Well, that opinion has sure changed. Today coaching a top player is like running a multi-million dollar business. To be a tennis coach requires the coach not only to teach the game, but also to understand and motivate people. He/she has to understand that no two people are the same and find a way to communicate with, teach, and motivate his/her students. Remember, coaches can change the personality of a child’s life because of negative feedback in front of other children when they make simple mistakes. Negative feedback to a student must be delivered in a positive way at all times.