Life Style, Playing Style & Training Question

It makes no difference who I work with, juniors, adults, professionals. I must know my student. To accomplish this, my team and I must know you. Once we know you and your game, we'll set mutual goals.

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  • Is your forehand grip:
  • On your forehand, do you take your racquet back in a:
  • On your forehand, is your follow through:
  • What style of play are you comfortable playing against?
  • What style of play do you prefer to play against?
  • Do you want to play for your?
  • What style of play do you least prefer to play against?
  • If you were to set goals for yourself, where do you hope to see yourself in:
  • How would you describe yourself as an athlete?
  • Would you consider yourself?
  • How do you prefer your instruction (In school and on the court)?